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JPAR Mini Pigs

Juliana pigs are the smallest of all miniature pigs. Unlike potbelly pigs, they stand 8-16" tall and usually weigh around 50 pounds. Juliana pigs make great indoor or outdoor pets. They are smarter than a dog and are allergy free. They can be litterbox trained and harness trained and can learn to do tricks.  They are loyal like a dog and cuddly like a kitten.  They live an average of 15 years. Even though they are expensive to buy, they are a pet that you will have for years to come. They eat mini pig food, which is not expensive at all, and love to snack on fruits and veggies and graze on grass.  Our pigets are $400 each for males or females.  We have a batch due this Spring and are now taking reservations.

ADGA Mini Goats

The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat is a miniature goat of West African Origin. It's conformation is similar to that of the larger dairy goat breeds.  Dwarf goats are gentle and loveable. Even breeding bucks are handled easily. They make wonderful pets and great animal projects for young children in 4-H. We start all of our babies indoors, bottle feeding and potty training so that they will immediately bond with their new forever home owners.  We will be offering Goat Yoga classes this Spring with the new babies at Twig Farm!  Doelings are $550 and Bucklings are $450 - we can take your reservation for a Spring baby now.

AKC Yorki and Yorki-Pom Puppies

This lovable designer breed is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian, making it the ultimate small-breed dog.  It is diminutive in size, but these little dogs exhibit the best of both worlds when it comes to temperament and behavior – they are essentially a cross between the affectionate Yorkshire Terrier and the energetic Pomeranian.  They are hypoallergenic and extremely affectionate, cuddly and loyal.  We presently have one male purebred Yorki ($750), as well as one female purebred Yorki ($850) available.  Call today for pictures and videos.

More Treasures

Blue/Green Peacocks

Our Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants (blue and green) known for their iridescent tails. These tail feathers, or coverts, spread out in a distinctive train that is more than 60 percent of the bird's total body length and boast colorful "eye" markings of blue, gold, red, and other hues.  We will post available chicks this Spring.


Get back to the "good old days" of camping in one of our beautifully restored Glampers.  They are stuffed with pillows and include antique record players and a collection of fun records - put on some "Bing" and step out in nature and back in time comfortably.  We can all so renovate and decorate these to suit your desired theme.

Ebay Store

Pick a treat from our Ebay store - it's stuffed with curious and unique gifts, antiques and collectibles.  Stop by Twig Farm Treat on Ebay for something fun today!

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A little Valentines purebred Yorki darling is available now - a beautiful dog that is sure to bring so much love to your home (shown here with a piggie friend:)

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